30 – 40 – 60…


I have no idea what the title of this piece represents, but I do know that when you get 3 of Worcestershire’s most talented poets in a room together, then the title doesn’t matter one bit…

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing 30 – 40 – 60 at the Hive in Worcester, one of a myriad of events taking place as part of the Worcestershire Litfest. The show is the brainchild of poets Claire Walker, Nina Lewis and Kathy Gee and it explores the works of all three poets through a connected narrative and visual accompaniment.

The performance interlaced works from the 3 poet’s V Press published works: The Girl Who Grew Into A Crocodile (Claire Walker), Fragile Houses (Nina Lewis) and Book of Bones (Kathy Gee). Each work is a unique collection of poems personal to the author, but what they found when putting this show together is that there are subtle linkages between their work, which ultimately lead to the development of 30 – 40 – 60.

The piece falls into 4 distinct narratives spread over two halves of performance. Focusing on the different stages of life, we travel with the poets through time, exploring what it is to be human and alive. Some pieces are solo readings, while others combine the voices of all three poets in acoustic harmony, which is different and rarely seen in poetry performance. This provides distinctive voicing to a beautiful narrative, which is complimented in turn by the visuals being displayed behind the readers. As an audience you get to see and hear two things at once, adding to the imagery of the spoken word and layering another context to the poems. It’s a clever use of multimedia and works well in the overall effect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I love the idea of collaboration between poets, where you get to see 3 artists at work together, sharing different perspectives to each other’s work. Combine that vision of perspective with the beauty of the spoken words and you get an engaging and highly entertaining piece of performance art.

A must see if 30 – 40 – 60 pops up again in a town near you…



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