No, not the one in Poland…

Walsall Poetry Society.jpg

Whenever I say I’m going across to Walsall to read poetry, someone always quips “Poland’s a long way to go for a poetry reading!” in that hilarious way that never, ever wears thin or grates on the very core of your soul. “No, not the one in Poland”, I sigh, “the one by IKEA”…

Anyway, I went to Southcart Books today, a lovely independent bookshop in Walsall, to read out at the launch of Diverse Verse 2, a poetry anthology put together by Richard Archer. Richard is part of the Walsall Poetry Society and he has collated this book for sale to raise money for cancer charity.

I have a couple of poems in the collection; one about the dark arts of Snooker and the other a reworking of the Goldilocks tale. So I took the opportunity to read these out in between readings from others involved in the book and those there to read at the regular open mic that takes place in the bookshop on the last Saturday of each month.

It is always nice to read to new audiences and in new venues. There is something exciting about sharing your work with fresh victims and also hearing poets that you have not come across before. Fresh perspectives are increasingly relevant in this day and age and there were certainly plenty on display today.

It was also nice to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones. The books will be on sale shortly and I will place a post on my fb page when the details come through.

Big thanks and well done to Richard and Southcart Books for a great book launch and I look forward to now reading through all the poems in the collection.





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