Oh Solihull, where have you been?…

Solihull Writers

I got a lovely invite from Ray Bradnock to come and read poetry with the Solihull Writers this week and I couldn’t help but wonder where they have been hiding themselves all this time….

Music (piano, guitar), readings, poetry, even stand-up were all on the menu at Ebb & Flow on Herbert Road. Ray compered the evening’s activity and it was a classic mix of new and old. I have become so accustomed to full on poetry nights, that it was a nice change to get a real smorgersboard of different arts all in the one room.

The atmosphere was relaxed, very welcoming (I even got to read twice on the basis that I had traveled from the far reaches of the Black Country to be there) and highly entertaining. The book readings were particularly powerful pieces. I had to suck up a spider in the hoover today and it bought back some unwanted imagery from one of the stories read out last night!

There was also time to stand and chat and put the world to rights as poets and writers like to do. It was great to meet new artists and my only regret about the whole evening was that it only runs twice a year! This cannot be right. Surely there is a space and an appetite for more Solihull….

Thanks to Ray and the gang for making it a thoroughly enjoyable night…

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