Quietly does it…………

Quiet quiet loud

Last night I had the absolute pleasure to be at the final Quiet, Quiet Loud in Chorlton with a wonderful collection of poets. Here’s a brief account of all the action…..

It was an emotional evening for many as the final Quiet, Quiet Loud drew to a close last night in Chorlton. Sarah L Dixon hosted an evening of very high quality spoken word to round off the event and I suspect that this has been the standard for most of the evenings here over the past couple of years.

Sarah opened the evening with some of her own poems touching on transition and change, a reflection on her pending move up North and making for a poignant start to the readings. After a series of entertaining and thought provoking open mic poets, Becky Cherriman stepped up as the first guest poet.

Becky delivered a searing set of poems. It is a rare occasion when a poet unpicks the most difficult personal experiences in such a compelling way and I found myself transfixed by her poetry. Her honesty and self reflection, together with her ability to weave a narrative that captured you completely was an absolute treat to listen to, even when the subject matter was dark and very personal. Her poem about the tanning business that her family ran in Leeds will stay with me for some time.

A quick break and we were back to more absolutely brilliant poetry, this time from Mark Pajak. Mark’s easy, laconic style of reading was immediately engaging and when this was coupled with poetry that was so precise and beautifully crafted, then it was hard not to be taken straight in to Mark’s fantastical other worlds. His opening poem about the exploration of a bucket of oil was such a well written piece of creative, imaginative writing, clearly demonstrating Mark’s ability to take the listener to a place and time hitherto not thought of. Very original and very distinctive poetry.

A final trickle of excellent open mic performers led us to the final guest of the evening, Nina Lewis. As I have heard Nina’s poetry on more than one occasion I knew I was in for a treat, but it was great to be able to listen to a slightly longer set  from Nina and get more of a sense behind the poems in Nina’s collection Fragile Houses. Nina has the ability to bring the everyday in to sharp focus with an almost microscopic examination of the detail behind what we all experience in our lives. It’s a clever skill to have and means that her poems are both accessible and meaningful to anyone that has the chance to listen or read her work. Her witty account of what the opposite of sweet is, shows her talent at creating pictures in your mind’s eye that place you exactly in the room with her – a difficult skill done almost effortlessly.

So the last one came and went. I am sure that Sarah will spark up an event to delight the people of Yorkshire, but in the meantime she can look back with pride and joy at the quiet evenings spent in such illustrious company at the Lloyds Hotel in Chorlton.

Thank you Sarah.



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