Setting the trend……


It’s Brums newest spoken word event, operating out of the Bulls Head in Kings Norton and last night it turned on the style for it’s second evening of eclectic entertainment…….

Tom McCann hosts this new event in what can only be described as a massive function room at The Bulls Head. But Tom has very cleverly arranged the space to ensure that it feels cosy, intimate and welcoming from the first minute you step through the door to the chit-chat gathering of people afterwards. It has ambiance, stage lighting, a sound engineer, coffee, a bar, a raffle and even candles on the tables – classy is the word I’m looking for. And on top of all this, a brilliant spoken word format too.

Tom is an emerging new talent on the West Midlands poetry scene and he hosted with a great deal of confidence, knowledge about his headline artists and humour. His format of 3 headline acts interspersed with open mic slots lent itself really well to having a great mix of different styles and performance experience alongside each other. There was a good pace to the evening, a varied range of performers both in terms of subject matter, age and gender and this all meant that the event was engaging and quick moving. And it was well supported by an appreciative audience who got involved and really enjoyed themselves.

If last night is anything to go by, this is going to be a night that will quickly establish itself on the Birmingham circuit and I for one look forward to getting down there next month for more of the same please Tom.


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